Founded in 2007, SQM is a full-service design, management and production company providing integrated marketing solution base in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. At the core of our success is a passion for great design and an ability to develop strategic solutions which keep our clients’ objectives in SQM.

Led by Board of Directors Joyce, Leslie, Andrew and Bac Xieu, SQM employs a range of creative talent and highly skilled production staff. Our comprehensive in-house production facilities enable us to ensure each project is produced to our meticulous standards.

We have a reputation for conceiving unique ideas and implementing concepts practically. We offer extensive experience across a range of disciplines, from brainstorming idea to design, construction and management of events, exhibitions, retails and commercial interiors. Each project is handled with the same high level of ingenuity and craftsmanship. Our teams are all committed to transparency, honesty, and accountability at every stage of a project.

We are fully internally-resourced company, which means we own all the equipment we use, most key site staff are full-time employees and we manage transport and repairs in house.  By having all these resources at our finger-tips we can deliver solutions to a high standard, swiftly and effectively.

Our aim is to help make you and your company successful.

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